Best 100 Albums

The initial list for the Best 100 Albums has just posted.  As always when new lists post, there are only 50 items listed.  This will expand as more votes come in and will likely be a best 100 list on the next update.  To check out the complete list go to the main Best 100 Albums page.

Up next is the Best 100 Comedians list.  That list will hopefully be posted in the next week or two and then followed by the other pending lists.  After all new lists post, a new round of updates will begin.  Check back here to stay up to date with what’s happening next.

5 Brand New Best 100 Lists to Vote On!

With the conclusion of several updates, its is once again time to add to the site.  That means that there are now 5 new lists accepting votes.  The lists are:

There is no time like the present to head over and cast your votes on these new lists.  The lists will publish at the end of the next round of updates.  For up to the minute news on when new lists go up become a fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!

Top 100 Vacation Destinations

The Best 100 Vacation Destinations list has just posted.  The initial list only has 35 vacation spots on it but will be expanded as more votes come in.  To check out the list go to  This update brings a close to a 5 day long round of updates that have posted.

Later on today 5 new lists will open for voting.  Check back in about 12 hours for the news!

Best 100 Occupations List is Up

The first publication of the Best 100 Occupations list is now up on the main site.  The list is currently only 25 items long but will be expanded on the next update as more votes come in.  Topping the list this time we have the usual suspects in Doctors, Lawyers, Actors and such.  To check out the full list and find out what other professions made the list go to

Tomorrow will bring the 5th and final updated list and then a whole new wave of 5 lists will begin accepting votes.  To stay on top of everything at The Best 100 Lists, you can now follow us on Twitter.  Hope to see you there!

100 Greatest Inventions List

For the third day in a row a new list has posted.  Today it is the Best 100 Inventions list.  The list is topped by the modern marvel of the Personal Computer.  In contrast to the number one invention, the wheel, one of our most ancient inventions came in a close second.  To check out the rest of the list and see who rounded out the top 50 please go to  The list will expand to a full top 100 inventions on the next update.

Tomorrow check back for the Best 100 Occupations list followed on Tuesday by the Best 100 Vacation Destinations list.

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