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New Forum Sign-ups Disabled

Due to an ungodly amount of spam postings, new user signups have been disabled temporarily on our forum.  While we look to find a solution to this problem, please post your discussion topics on our facebook wall.  Existing users can still login and post as normal.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

List Suggestion Forum

Rather than using the old form for readers to suggest their new list ideas, I have decided to create a new forum to post new list ideas.  This will allow other readers to show their support for the lists that they are most interested in seeing realized.   In the spirit of letting the people vote, I figured that was a good way to come up with new lists as well.

If you have an idea that you think would make a good best 100 list please stop by the Forum and share with us.  Post new list ideas in the New List Ideas Forum only.  If your idea is already there, make sure to chime in and show your support for that idea.  If you have multiple suggestions please create a new thread for each.

Hope to see you all in the forums.

The Best 100 Lists Forum Is In Full Swing

After only a short 2 weeks the forum is already starting to pick up steam.   The first 2 weeks brought in over 200 posts and nearly 40 new members.  To sign up and join in on the discussion of the current lists, new lists, and other topics visit the forum and sign up here

I hope to see everyone there!

Best 100 Lists Forum is Live

The Forum is now live.  I would like to invite everyone to join in the discussion of any of the topics covered by our best 100 lists.  The interlinking on the site is not complete just yet so the forum is not easy to find but this should all be done in the next day or two.  To find the forum now please visit The Best 100 Lists Forum and create an account.

I look forward to outstanding discussion and debate with all of you in the months and years ahead.

The Best 100 Lists Forum

The Best 100 Lists is getting a new forum.  Many people have sent in messages asking for a place to easily discuss the lists, and their contents, and the time is near.  I expect the forum to be up and fully operational by the end of the month.

Also being added in the coming weeks will be 5 new lists to vote on that will post live in the next round of updates.   Lists to be announced later this week and to launch later this month.

Support The Best 100 Lists

There are two ways to help support The Best 100 Lists. The first way is to bookmark
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The Second way is a direct paypal donation. This is not required in any way but is greatly appreciated.