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Back At It. New Updates Next Week!

The best 100 comedians list is currently being updated and will post early next week to be followed by the best 100 music videos and best 100 websites lists.   Check back for exact dates for all three lists.  All will post before the end of July.

If you’ve not already voted for these three lists, make sure to get your votes in soon so that they will be included in the initial vote tally.  Vote here:

Our next round of updates on all of the existing lists will begin shortly after all of the new lists are posted.

The Best 100 Lists on Twitter

Now it’s easier than ever to stay up to date with The Best 100 Lists.  Just follow us on your new Twitter account at to find out whenever there is an update to any of the existing lists or when a new list is announced.  Hope to see you all over on Twitter real soon!


All updates have been pushed back one week due to delays related to moving.  The move has taken longer than originally anticipated and things have gotten backed up a bit.  Expect to see the regularly scheduled updates resume next Monday.

Sorry for the delay!

First Updates of the New Year

The first update of the new year is published.  The Best 100 Children’s Books List has just been updated.  The new list has added 20 new books bringing the total list to 50.  As more votes continue to come in the list will eventually be expanded to 100.   If you have not already cast your vote for the best 100 childrens books please do so before the next update.

Next on the schedule is the Best 100 Movies to be published next Monday the 10th of January.  You can also expect to see the initial list of the Best 100 Movie Directors published between now and then.  The rest of the new lists will also be published in the coming weeks so be sure to check back often.

Top 100 Actors List is Updated

The first of dozens of updates just took place.  The Top 100 Actors List has just been updated and is live on the main website.  While De Niro was able to hold onto the top spot, Tom Hanks continued to fall to number three.  Al Pacino joined his old Heat buddy atop the list at number two.  To see the whole list please visit the main site at  Visit the Forum and let us know what you think of the updated list.

Over the coming months we will continue to publish one new updated list every Monday.  In addition to these new updates being published make sure to look for 5 new lists that will begin accepting votes in the near future.

The next scheduled update is the Best 100 Athletes List to go next Monday the 13th of December.  See you then!

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